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Who thinks of France,

thinks of life outdoors,

living differently,

that's exactly what we offer you here
at '
Les Tranchées' !

The estate of 'B&B Les Tranchées' covers 1,8 hectares. Half of this area is forest, the other half; garden and houses. Houses because 'Les Tranchées' consists of three houses; the renovated farmhouse, the creative workshop 'H-Art' and the former 'porcherie' (piggery). The latter has not yet found its final destination... so all proposals are more than welcome. 

Avond tafel.JPG

During a warm summer evening, it's pleasant to linger underneath the lime-tree. Until late in the evening, under a beautiful starry sky, we exchange stories on how the day went. It's the most natural way to take in some of the evening freshness, before going to bed, where the sleep takes over. At 10 pm, the silence at Les Tranchées is deafening. Natural sounds are silently accompanying the stars on their way to a new sunrise. With nights like this, it is a wonderful pleasure to look forward to a new day.

The garden in front of the house is a home to several fruit trees; pears, apples, cherries, walnuts, quinces and plums. During springtime the garden is filled with wondrous flowers. Later on the year, we harvest its fruits giving us the suitest jams or delicious apple juice, a slightly sweet taste with a touch of quince. We are proud to let you taste them during breakfast here at 'Les Tranchées'.  

Fruittuin 2.JPG
Potager Lounge.JPG

Our vegetable garden is located behind the renovated farmhouse. It provides us with delicious vegetables, berries and hurbs throughout the entire summer. 

Behind our vegetable garden we installed our outdoor fireplace. Another perfect place for sharing evening storiers. From our outdoor lounge, one can overlook the fireplace and the vegetable garden, keeping an eye on what's happening while enjoying your favourite book in the sun. Et voilà, La Douce France... !

SI EXT CROP eigen fruit DSC02156.JPG

You are, as us, fond of flowers? A colourful flower border offers us a wide variety of colours and scents throughout the year. At the same time it attracts many butterflies and other small animals. A place which everybody will enjoy!  

Our forest behind the garden is a collection of chestnut trees, old beech trees and a 'Marronier'. 

Here, each season breaths its own special charm. Did you know that 'the Limousin' is also well-known because of its chestnut trees? Chestnut liquor, chestnut purée, chestnut flower, chestnut festival... all that here in the Limousin. 

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