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Happiness is something you should never be afraid of.

Take it as it comes.  With the necessary haste.

For happiness, one must also take the time.

Sometimes you have to sit in stillness, patiently until you see it,
seize it with open arms 
and then enjoy it quietly.

Our B&B is situated in a quiet hamlet, far from any hustle and bustle.


Every morning we prepare your breakfast with love. If the weather permits it, you can enjoy your breakfast in the fresh air. We serve breakfast between 8.30 and 10 am. Upon your arrival we love to hear from you what time suits you best, so we can prepare everything for you freshly.


A good way to start the day is to wake up calmly. We prefer to work with genuine local products that we obtain from small producers in the region. This way, we serve you a healthy and high quality meal.

While our hens provide you with delicious eggs, we serve tasty jams from the fruit trees in our garden.

SI BREAKF Afbeelding15.jpg


Wake up calmly to start your day well...

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